ListenerEden is a multi-award winning garden!

  • Green Pennant
  • London in Bloom
  • Lambeth Champion

We are proud to hold our 9th Green Pennant, awarded in June every year. The Green Pennant Award is given to successful public spaces run by volunteers and members of the community. They recognise a space that is welcoming, safe, well maintained, clean, environmentally sustainable, promoting biodiversity and involving the local community.

We are also proud to hold our fifth London in Bloom award, ‘thriving’ category. This award recognises Eden’s efforts in improving the local environment for the benefit of those who live, work and visit.

In 2012, our then gardener, Stephen Barney, was appointed as a Lambeth Champion.

A Lambeth Champion is someone who has gone that extra mile to help out in their local community. In Stephen’s case, he was …”recognised for transforming the area alongside Matrimony place into a local treasure… a beautiful, vibrant garden with oak seats, raised beds, pond and bee hives. It is used all day now by children coming to and from school or having birthday parties, community parties and by volunteers growing their own vegetables…..”