Directions from Clapham Common tube station

As you come up the escalators, take the right hand set of stairs. Once at road level, turn left and then cross over the road on your right so that you are on the same side as Bullfrog shoe shop and the little Waitrose. Follow the road round to the right, keeping Waitrose on your right and the hairdresser, the Witches Hut. Keep following this road through the Clapham Old Town, passing Oliver Bonas, Moens Butchers, the Sun pub, Hamptons estate agents and eventually the Fire Station. After the fire station, there is a mini roundabout (next to the Jam Tree bar). Take the right hand fork into Rectory Grove.

Walk along Rectory Grove for about four minutes and as the road bends sharply to the right (becoming Larkhall Rise), cross over the road towards St Paul’s church. To the right of the church, you’ll see a walkway called Matrimony Place, which connects Rectory Grove with the Wandsworth Road. The Eden Garden runs alongside almost the whole of Matrimony Place.

We will be in the garden to meet you. If, however, it’s pouring with rain, we could meet in the church office. As you look at the church, the office door is the one to the far left.

Directions from the Wandsworth Road (bus numbers 452, 87 and 77)

These buses all stop along the Wandsworth Road between Silverthorne Road and the Wandsworth Road train station. Either walk up Matrimony Place to reach Eden. Alternatively, turn into Rozel Road and then immediately left into Iveley Road. The church is situated at the top of Iveley Road to the left hand side.